The Best Essential Oils to Add to Your Bath

When you have one of those days full of stress and work and you get home just wanting to rest forever, taking a long and rehabilitating bath is one of the best gifts you can give to your body and mind. A warm bath detoxifies, relaxes muscles, increases circulation and pampers you. And, with the help of doTerra’s essential oils, you will be able to adapt your bath to your mood and needs. 

Bath Recipes: Bath Salts Base 

1 cup of Epsom Salt (or sea salt)

15 drops of Essential Oils (see blend ideas below)

Combine essential oils with salt in a container. Dissolve ¼ to ½ cup of this bath salt mixture in warm bathwater before bathing. Reserve the salt base you didn’t use for the next baths. 

Blend Ideas

Relaxing Bliss: 5 drops of lavender + 5 drops of petitgrain + 3 drops of fennel + 2 drops of wild orange

Soothing Blend: 4 drops of lavender + 4 drops of roman chamomile + 4 drops of cedarwood + 3 drops of lemongrass 

Up and Ready: 5 drops of peppermint + 4 drops of lavender + 3 drops of grapefruit + 3 drops of lemongrass. 

Similar to the salt base recipe, you can use the same blends for a Bath Oils Base. 

Bath Oils Base

30ml of fractioned coconut oil 

15 drops of Essential Oils 

Blend the fractioned coconut oil and the essential oils in a small container. Add 1 tablespoon (5ml) of this bath oil to warm bathwater before bathing. 

Fizzing Bath Bombs

Fizzing Bath Bomb Base 

2/3 cup of baking soda

1/3 cup of Epsom salt 

2 tbsp. coconut oil

15 drops of Essential Oils (see blend ideas below)

½ cup corn-starch (same as cornflour)

2 tbsp. water 

Spray bottle with water

Combine the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients slowly while stirring with a whisk. Knead the mixture until it has the texture of mildly wet sand and clumps together when pressed. If it is too dry, moisten it slightly with a mist from the spray bottle, one spritz at a time, just until it holds together. Form into balls, mould in a small soap or candy moulds or a mini muffin tin (lined with paper muffin cups). Allow to dry for 1-2 hours, then remove from the moulds or tins, and allow to dry overnight. 

Blend Ideas

Sweet Dreams: 8 drops of lavender + 4 drops of orange + 2 drops of roman chamomile + 1 drop of sandalwood 

Calm Waters: 4 drops myrrh + 4 drops of roman chamomile + 4 drops of wild orange + 3 drops of lemon

Ready to go: 8 drops of peppermint + 4 drops grapefruit + 3 drops of rosemary 

Sugar Scrub (Exfoliating)

Simple Sugar Scrub Base 

¼ cup of raw sugar 

8 drops of vitamin E oil (optional natural preservative) 

¼ cup sweet almond oil 

15 drops of Essential Oils (see blend ideas below)

Mix all ingredients together in a glass bowl. Store in airtight containers. To use, place a small amount of the scrub in the palm, and scrub over moistened skin. Rinse off in a shower or tub. (Note: The oils in this scrub can make the floor of the bathtub or shower slippery, so use caution when rinsing off). 

Blend Ideas

Lemon & Rosemary Scrub: 10 drops of lemon + 5 drops of rosemary 

Skin Toning Scrub: 9 drops of myrrh + 4 drops patchouli + 2 drops of geranium 

Invigorating Scrub: 5 drops of ginger + 5 drops of frankincense + 5 drops grapefruit 

When do you prefer to have a bath? In the morning to wake up, in the evening, after work or at night while everyone is already asleep? Leave your answers in the comment section below. 

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