Learn how to Clean with Oregano and Melaleuca Oil

You may already know that some essential oils have cleansing properties, but did you know that essential oils with surface-cleansing benefits can be used for household cleaning? Some essential oils have cleansing properties that make them useful for internal cleansing, other oils can be used to cleanse the skin*, and some cleansing oils are perfect for purifying the surfaces around your home. 

Oregano and Melaleuca are two essential oils with significant surface-cleansing properties. Both of these oils can be used on their own, or combined with other ingredients to make homemade cleaning products. Melaleuca and Oregano also have powerful aromatic benefits and can be used to purify and freshen the air. 

When you clean with essential oils, you’ll have peace of mind that you are using a safe, natural product around your family—plus essential oils leave behind a lovely smell when you’re done cleaning. Instead of using chemical-ridden, store-bought cleansers, try using Melaleuca or Oregano oil the next time you want to clean your home. 

How to use Oregano and Melaleuca for Cleaning

Purify the air

You can purify and freshen the air in your home by diffusing Melaleuca or Oregano in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedrooms. To create a clean, inviting aroma that you like, try combining Oregano or Melaleuca with other essential oils for a unique and refreshing diffuser blend.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

Oregano Bergamot Lemon


Melaleuca Eucalyptus Peppermint

Quick cleaning

When you want to clean surfaces in a hurry, Melaleuca and Oregano make simple surface cleansers. Simply add 10 drops of Melaleuca or 10 drops of Oregano to a spray bottle with water, spritz the combination over surfaces, and wipe clean. When used as a surface cleanser, Melaleuca oil can help to protect against environmental threats. 

Note: If you are concerned about how essential oils might affect the surfaces in your home, test a small, inconspicuous surface area with the cleaning solution before wiping down larger areas. 

All-Purpose Cleansing Spray

If you have a little more time, try making this All-Purpose Cleansing Spray using Melaleuca oil and white vinegar. This is easy to make and will help you to effectively clean counter tops, wood, glass, stainless, steel, and porcelain. 

Stove Top Cleaner

With just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen (baking soda, apple cider vinegar, etc.), and Melaleuca essential oil, you can make this Stove Top Cleaner in no time at all. Caked-on food, burns, and sticky messes usually make cleaning the stove top a huge hassle, but when you use this homemade cleaner, the powerful cleansing properties of Melaleuca and other essential oils like Lemon and Lime (optional) do a lot of the cleaning for you.  

Give your fridge a sparkling clean

If your fridge has gotten grimy, or could just use a good wipe down, combine five drops of Oregano oil, five drops of Lemon oil, one cup of white vinegar, and one cup of water into a spray bottle. Take any food items or condiments out of the fridge and spray the combination over refrigerator surfaces and shelves. Wipe clean, leaving behind refreshed surfaces and the scent of Oregano and Lemon oil. 

Toilet Cleaning Pods

For an effective way to clean your toilet, consider making these Toilet Cleaning Pods with Melaleuca oil at home. Not only will your toilet and bathroom smell great after each use, but you can skip the harsh chemicals found in store-bought toilet cleaners and enjoy the cleansing power of Melaleuca essential oil. 

*Due to the strong chemistry of Oregano oil, it should always be diluted before topical application. 

Watch this short video where Dr Dave R Steuer talks about killing bacteria with essential oils.

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