Dark Chocolate Raspberry Orange Truffles

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Orange Truffles

In the mood for something sweet, but want to keep it natural? Indulge with these chocolate raspberry truffles. Infused with Wild Orange oil, this recipe makes for a healthier alternative to the large slice of chocolate cake from your local bakery. When taken internally, Wild Orange oil helps support digestive health, while also maintaining healthy immune function.*

Ingredients 125 grams dark chocolate (65 percent cocoa) 4 tablespoons almond milk 1 teaspoon coconut oil, refined 2 tablespoons maple syrup ½ teaspoon almond extract 1 drop Wild Orange oil Freeze-dried raspberries (or freeze-dried raspberry powder)


Combine almond milk, coconut oil, maple syrup, and almond extract in a small saucepan on low heat.

Stir until ingredients are combined, but do not boil.

Break up chocolate into a glass mixing bowl and pour hot ingredients over chocolate.

Stir until smooth, then add Wild Orange oil to taste. Place your mixture in the refrigerator and let cool for 3 hours, or until the mixture is firm enough to hold shape.

Using a spoon, form chocolate into balls and roll over crushed dried raspberries. Place back in refrigerator for another 30 minutes, then remove and enjoy.

Tips: The dried raspberries covering the truffles are beautiful, but feel free to experiment with dried coconut flakes, crushed nuts, and (for real dark chocolate lovers) cocoa powder!

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