introduction to business building

We created Business FAQ's to get our time back. It has also made it easier to duplicate, mentor, and train our builders more efficiently. We believe it can do the same for you.

You are going to find as you build your business many people will say they want to build, but they never actually take action. Instead of spending hours and hours training those people, you can now simply lead them to the FAQs. If they are on Facebook, these FAQs are also listed in our EO Method Builders Group & you can tag them in the pertinent FAQ post. If they take action, then you can work with them, invest time in them and pour into them!

I want to empower my team to locate the information in this valuable resource and not have the resource be ME or YOU when it is easily accessible right here (and in our Facebook group). When it is you, that is not duplicatable or efficient.

To locate each FAQ, you can click on the title below, or find it in the list on the right under Training Topics.

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