Renata Markisz

Becoming a mother changes everything.

It wasn’t until the birth of my first child that I took any real, conscious interest in natural remedies.

I remember my mother treating any ailments with home-made remedies. Peppermint tea for upset tummy, linden tea for fever or onion and honey syrup for colds and coughs. It was always there, available when needed. Took it for granted. 
Suddenly I found myself responsible for this little creature and was terrified by most of those supposedly “safe” products for babies and children.

I went on a mission, researched like crazy to find the best what’s out there and I have!
dōTERRA oils are my no. 1 that I turn to when in need. 

I am the Family Physician at home and I have full confidence in those oils. 

Tried and tested!

Knowledge is power, get back in control of your health!


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